Issa Cissokho, RIGHT SIDE OF FC NANTES AND TEAM OF SENEGAL - The best for the end




At 28, the side Senegalese international law a second youth in Nantes. With in line of sight, a qualification to the 2014 World Cup with Senegal. Spotlight on a footballer atypical . At 28, almost all footballers are already thinking ensure their back because it was too close to the age where the body stretched, knees down mobility and tired muscles , invite other morning , far drive outputs and jogging sessions .
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As a result, the financial aspect takes over sports choice. It is sated treats the past, or we think not having shortly , canes for new conquests. But , paradoxically, it is at this age that the career of Issa Cissokho, who discovered this year in Ligue 1 at the same time that the Senegalese selection really begins . "This is fantastic ! " Issa reason to exult . Because the time slips like water on its carcass , do not have too much influence on the curve statistics. 10 matches played in full on 11 , never yield to his opponents. It continues to be efficient club .

Pape Fall says: "Last year we were at the same time in Ligue 2 ( the former Senegalese international was an assistant coach to Caen) , he had already largely the level of Ligue 1 On the one against one, you have the . hard to make and it brings a lot on the offensive side ( two decisive passes to his credit , Editor's note) . It has a large amount of game that allows him to consistently deliver and participate in efforts against attacks. It is a complete side . The side that any club dreams of having in its workforce . Flying a "

Zero income partBrillant and especially regular , perfectly sitting on its fundamentals, Issa Cissokho impresses by the quality of his game, which does not pay in the biting or in my face. "I am pleased to have reached this level he smiled. I take this opportunity God has given me to do the best I can make my job with great joy . I take great pleasure to play with Nantes and Senegal. It is a great satisfaction. " Before enjoying the best Issa has been the worst. His debut in the trade were painful .

A Louhans Cuiseaux (National) where he made his first steps in 2000 , "it was a hassle : no money , no way to take the train to go to training and no shoes . There was my father and my brother who helped me a bit financially. But it was not obvious every day. One year when we go out like that ... it is not obvious. Many players would have dropped the case . " The idea crossed her mind yet . "I wanted to get into the Army. I had a friend who was leaving. So, I asked myself this question. But I always believed in my star. What I want to do is football and I can not do it . The field, this is where I take pleasure . This is my home. For me to continue and prove . But it's hard when nobody believes in you . " This event that forged his character and that nearly away from football, he explains the decline now appears to events. "My strength has always been there . I met so many galleys today I want to confirm. Wanting to prove and confirm somewhere keeps me going . It allows me to have much confidence in me. I do not take my head . I know where I come from. I always wanted to be a professional footballer and I 've always heard that people were asking when they were going to the players. Today, when I see people come to me and seek me , I find it hard to say no. " Well, this wall! If, despite all the problems Issa Cissokho did not fall , because it is it is backed by a solid wall : " ( His ) faith in God." "I am a believer and practitioner. This is what made ​​that I got to where I am. The help of my family has also allowed me to have feet on the ground . My wife helps me everyday. If I really have a secret , it's my spiritual side. My heart side . I read a lot and listen to the Quran a lot of discourse on religion and Islam. My religion is a big part of my life. "

Born Muslim Issa attended " small Koranic school" and said he had a "proper" childhood. "My father ( born in the rural community of Ballou , Department of Bakel ) worked at the factory and my mother ( born in Dakar) was housekeeper. Our parents ( he has four brothers ) were very well behaved. "

Saliou GACKOU , The OBS


Issa Cissokho

Date of Birth: February 23, 1985 (28 years)

Location: ParisTaille 1.71 mPoste : defender

Amateur2000 -2003 Course: Louhans Cuiseaux

2003-2006 Guingamp2006 - 2007 -2008 U.S. Orléans2007 Blois Foot 412008-2010 USJA Caruqefou

Golf professionnelDepuis 2010: Fc Nantes